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Arborist #2621

Terms & Conditions


The following terms and conditions govern this agreement between R M Tree Care (Removal and Maintenance Tree Care) and the customer. By utilizing our services, both parties affirm their understanding and consent to these terms concerning the specified project.

Acceptance of Proposal

The proposal becomes binding once signed by both parties. This authorizes R M Tree Care to initiate the specified services.

Definition of Customer

The “Customer” is the property owner or an authorized representative. By signing, the customer confirms their authority to enter this agreement with R M Tree Care.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Should unforeseen conditions (like hidden decay, buried foreign materials, etc.) arise, additional costs to address these may be incurred. Any damage to underground systems is not our responsibility unless a detailed map of such systems is provided in advance.

Pavement Disclaimer

While we prioritize care, damage might occasionally occur to sidewalks or driveways during tree removal. We aren’t liable for such damages.

Proposal Cancellation

Written notice (via text or email) is required to cancel a proposal. Verbal cancellations aren’t valid. Cancellations incur a 20% fee based on the total contract amount.

Scope Determination

In instances without clear work boundaries, R M Tree Care will use its expertise to decide on the outcome.

Lawn Considerations

Heavy equipment and safety procedures might cause lawn damage. We aren’t responsible for any damage or repair costs.

Safety Commitment

We pledge to adhere to the latest industry safety standards. For everyone’s safety, the customer and others (including pets) should avoid the work area unless our on-site crew leader grants permission.

Payment Terms

Payment is expected in full upon work completion. A delay beyond 14 days will incur a 10% late fee. Payments delayed over 30 days will accrue a 2% monthly finance charge. Returned checks result in a $145.00 penalty. Collection costs, including legal fees, will be borne by the customer for overdue payments. Persistent non-payment allows us to halt services.

We deeply value our association and strive to deliver top-notch service, maintaining a strong customer relationship.